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Fun Ideas For Christmas Party Games This Winter!

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We have an assortment of fun and entertainment ideas on Christmas party games for kids and adults both. These games have the surprise element associated with them that make them even more unpredictable. During Christmas celebrations these games will add the required element of vigor and all the party members will enjoy it. Come and explore to play them and know yourself.


Christmas Candles

A small tree is placed on the table and candles are lit with the players blindfolded. Players are then asked to blow off the candles. One who blows most is the winner and awarded the Christmas prize.


A Game Inside A Game

Children are given the card and a pencil to write a name of a game they know. After the names are written all the games are played one by one. In the end the children are asked to vote their favorite game among them. the game which gets the maximum voting is the winner and the owner of that game is awarded with the Christmas prize.


Toss A Snowball

Gifts are wrapped in snowballs made of white tissue paper and cotton batting. Put them under the tree. When the time of distribution of gift comes, either mother or any older person tosses them towards the children who stand at some distance from the tossing venue. Gifts are caught and opened by the children to get the surprise element.


Treasure Hunt

Hide some gifts as treasures in the snow ridden valley at various identified spots like a tree or a house or near a road landmark etc. Ask the people participating in the game to hunt for the hidden treasure to own it as the winner. You can also plan to offer some clues to them.


Wooden Spoon Guesses Who

Among the most comfortable lot of participants select two who are most comfortable with each other. Blindfold one of them and hand over two spoons to him or her asking to identify the one standing in front of him or her and without her awareness. This game will be fun to watch for all to watch and play.


Family Tree Christmas Party Games

Transform your dad into a family Christmas tree by the help of green ribbon and other props like Christmas stars, flowers, butterflies etc. he will enjoy this process and will be happy to serve all the gifts and chocolates hanging from his attire. All other will praise your innovative idea and enjoy the movement of the Christmas tree from one place to another.


Secret Snowman Christmas Party Games

This game requires lot of pat on the back and laughs so it’s perfect for the family gatherings. Both kids and adults will enjoy the hiding game where tow of the many will secretly paste the snowman on the back of others and when the work is done create a big laugh for all to enjoy.


The Night Before Christmas

This game is amusing and fun to play with. In this game each player is given a name of the part of the Santa Claus outfit like reindeer or sleigh etc. Hostess reads the story “The Night before Christmas”. As she mentions the names, the players having them, rise, turn around, and sit down again. When she mentions Santa Claus, all change places, and she tries to secure a seat. The one left out continues the story, and so on, until completed.

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