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A Night In Paris Theme Party To Bring In The New Year

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Enjoy New Year’s Eve with a Parisian inspired party theme characterized by French cuisine, Eiffel tower decorations, and plenty of floral accents. This is an intimate and fun theme that can be used for a couples-only party or a gathering with friends. This Paris theme party is definitely one to make your guests say ooh là là!

The Décor

The first stage of setting up your Paris party is the decorations! Your Paris party decorations should be elegant and stylish so choose a colour scheme early on and stick to it. Start by hanging a couple of bunches of paper pom-poms around the room. Decorate your room with a large Eiffel Tower cutout. You can create your own by cutting a silhouette out of black butcher paper. Hang plenty of twinkle lights all over to give that night in Paris feel.

The Paris Theme Party Food

For dinner, you can serve a nice sit-down dinner on your back patio covered with Twinkle lights or just do it cafe style. For savory dishes you can go with sandwiches on baguettes, dinner crepes, cheese or fromage like brie and camembert – all easily available at the bigger grocery stores. You could lay out a few different types of quiche, like chicken and spinach, or mushrooms and cheese or just do a quiche lorraine. And who can forget the chocolate croissants and macaroons?

Add some chocolate eclairs, crepes and truffles and you’re sorted. Lay these on a cake stand to add an extra oomph. A crepe bar with both dinner and dessert crepes could be fun. Don’t forget the creme brulee, For drinks, think French wine or go a little unconventional with Kir Royal (prosecco with crème de cassis) and Pink lemonade for the teetotalers.

The Music

Music plays an important part in creating a Parisian atmosphere at your Paris themed party. Anything by Edith Piaf or the soundtrack to the film Amélie by Yann Tiersen will instantly create the atmosphere of a French café or bistro!

Paris Theme Party Games

Eiffel Tower Ring Toss Game

Buy a plastic statue of the Eiffel Tower and place it on the floor. Use an old cardboard box to cut out some rings and take it in turns to throw a ring onto the Eiffel Tower. Each player has 5 tries and whoever lands their ring on the Eiffel Tower the most wins.

Baguette Toss

This game is a bit like the javelin but with a baguette (and best played outside where there’s plenty of space). Take it in turns to throw the baguette and whoever throws it the furthest wins!


Set Up A Paris Theme Party Photo Booth

Why not set up a French-themed photo booth to take some funny snaps to remember your Parisian themed party? Set up a photo booth backdrop with a couple of glitter door curtains. Grab some photo props and French-themed fancy dress accessories like berets, fake moustaches and stripey t-shirts. Then grab a camera and strike a pose!

Don’t forget to do a Parisian countdown to the next year. brief your guests before hand and count down in French! Pop a baloon filled with french themed new year goodies and glitter for that final touch!


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