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9 Hot Chocolate Concoctions To Add Warmth To Your January!

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It’s freezing cold outside, and a steaming mug of rich, sweet hot chocolate is everyone’s favorite warm winter drink! But why should you be satisfied with just a single, yummy hot chocolate recipe, when there are so many wonderful and delicious variations? We’ve rounded up some amazing hot chocolate ideas here, from classic European hot cocoa to Mexican hot chocolate. You want to add a splash of booze? Done. You want to gift your hot chocolate concoction? Done.

Listed below are hot chocolate ideas to delight every palate, and warm every belly.

Dutch Hot Chocolate

Warme Chocolademelk (Dutch for “hot chocolate”) is fun to say, and a joy to drink! A steaming mug of Hot Dutch Chocolate is a favorite drink all year round in the Netherlands, enjoyed by children and adults alike (for the latter, often with an added glug of brandy or rum). There’s nothing quite like homemade hot chocolate made with good quality dark chocolate and whole milk, topped with real whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon.

Red Velvet Hot

Red velvet lovers, rejoice! Now you can enjoy the taste of your favorite cake in a steaming mug of sweet and delicious hot chocolate. This rich, creamy red velvet flavored hot chocolate drink has all the decadent deliciousness and exciting color of a red velvet cake. Best of all, it’s topped with a frosting-like cream cheese whipped cream!

Hennessy Hot Chocolate

Hennessy puts the “ho ho ho” in this hot chocolate cocktail that’s laced with cognac for a fantastic, boozy kick. But it’s the spiced syrup and pure vanilla extract that take this festive winter drink to the next level of deliciousness.

Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate

Authentic Mexican chocolate hot chocolate, known in Mexico as Chocolate Caliente, is warm, comforting but also surprisingly refreshing for those who are used to North American hot chocolate. The classic Mexican recipe uses a rustic chocolate called “chocolate de mesa” (literally, “table chocolate”) that is made with cinnamon, adding a lovely spiced taste to this frothy, hot milk-based drink.


Hot Chocolate On a Stick

Yes, hot chocolate on a stick! This clever candy recipe is super-easy to make and produces delicious blocks of chocolate fudge that can be dissolved in hot milk to produce rich, creamy hot chocolate! Give it as a gift that everyone on your list will love, or keep it yourself and enjoy eating it plain, use it as a hot chocolate base, or do both!

Coconut and Chocolate Cocktail Recipe

Chocolate and coconut have long been a popular pair for sweet treats and this hot chocolate cocktail recipe mimics one of the most famous candy bars with that mix. Easy to make and enjoy, the Coconut and Chocolate cocktail uses rich, old-fashioned hot chocolate and coconut rum to create a warming, grown-up version of that childhood favorite.

Hot Peppermint Patty

This awesome grown-up winter drink for chocolate-mint lovers features your favorite hot chocolate, spiked with a trio of boozy liqueurs. It’s the perfect hot cocktail for cozy nights by the fire, chilly days in the ski lodge, or anytime you want delicious comfort in a mug.

White Hot Chocolate Mix

White Hot Chocolate is an elegant variation on the usual hot cocoa recipe. It’s also great for gifting! Just pair with some pretty mugs, stirring spoons, mini marshmallows and candy canes in a pretty gift basket.

Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate With Variations

Don’t let the “Old-Fashioned” tag fool you. This classic hot chocolate recipe with unsweetened chocolate, milk, sugar and vanilla may be a traditional formulation, but there are tons of creative ideas for tweaking everyone’s favorite hot winter drink to suit your tastes – including additions that work for the younger set, and cocktail upgrades for adults. Some classic toppings include regular or mini marshmallows or a big spoonful of Marshmallow Creme or Fluff. Or top it off with freshly whipped cream or whipped topping.

Hot chocolate is also quite versatile and there are lots of ways to make it your own or take it over the top. Check out the variations below the basic recipe. Make it richer, add some spices, or add some mint liqueurs to the grown-up grasshopper version.

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