19 DIY Invitation Ideas That Are Fun, Creative And Easy To Make!

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As a Party Blog its no secret that we LOVE parties, and everything that goes into making the party a fun and exciting affair. On that note, let us also admit that we’re HUGE fans of fun, unique and creative birthday party invitations! You know the old saying that you only get only one chance to make a first impression? Well, we think that applies to invitations as well. The invitation is what sets the tone for the entire event and can really get your guests excited for the celebration. We’ve collected some fabulous, creative DIY kids birthday party invitations. The best part?  They’re all DIY – that means you can make these all yourself! Some time and little creativity is all you need to make your next invitations say WOW.

Child’s Play

Fashion a classic cootie catcher into a birthday party invitation. Use the inside flaps to reveal who, what, where, and when.

Space Odyssey Invitations

For a Space Odyssey party, glue an 8 1/2-by-5 1/2-inch sheet of blue construction paper to silver paper. Fold long ends to middle. Trace the template on folded paper; cut out. Add flag sticker; seal flaps with sticker of child’s age.

Puzzle Piece Invite

Attach a puzzle piece to a simple invite. The guests must take it to the party to help solve the mystery. (Have a duplicate puzzle on hand in case of no-shows.)

Flower Power Invitations

Hint at a Flower Power party’s theme with balloon invitations. To make, punch six holes in a store-bought card — one in the center and five surrounding it. Starting at the center, weave a long balloon through the holes; tie them off inside the card and trim excess. Thread a green balloon through four punched holes to make a stem and leaf.

Hip, Hat, Hooray!

Send an invite that your guests can wear! It folds from a triangular hat into a square — perfect for mailing.

Sprinkler Party Invitation

To invite friends to a Sprinkler Party, use picture window cards with envelopes, cellophane bags that fit inside cards, plain paper, blue vellum, scissors, a scallop-edge rotary cutter, and photo corners. Design the invitations on a computer, print them out, and then cut them to fit in the cellophane bags. Cut the vellum to desired size (to overlay some writing), cutting the top with a scallop cutter. Slip the cards and vellum into cellophane bags; place bags in the cards behind the windows, and secure them with photo corners. Tuck them into envelopes

Bag It!

If you’re planning a scavenger hunt party, mail your invites in small brown sacks. Ask the guests to bring along the bag to collect their loot.

Wacky Party Invitations

For a mishmash invitation to a Wacky Party, glue the birthday child’s face and some goofy details to pink paper, and photocopy. When guests arrive, hand out wild pink wigs and mustaches to wear for the party.

Fiesta Party Invitations

For a Fiesta Party, glue crepe-paper fringe to blank notecards for invitations; use rubber stamps to state the occasion.

Carnival Party Invitations

A Carnival Party invitation is made with striped wrapping paper, construction paper, round stickers, tiny clothespins, and tickets. Party details are written on the back.

Upcycled Invite

This earth-friendly card can multitask with the front flap doubling as a gift card. Mail with mini colored pencils and attach a ribbon to the corner.

Spa-Themed Invitations

For a Spa-Themed party invitation, each guest receives a sleep mask in the mail along with a gift certificate that’s good for one spa evening.

Bouncy Party Invitations

For a Bouncy Party, gather your child’s “circle” of friends with an invitation in the round. We printed details onto store-bought circular cards made for ink-jet printers, affixed stripes with glue (use the edge of a bowl as a template), and joined them with paper fasteners.

Office Maxed

Rummage through your desk for materials to make clever — and unexpected — invitations.

Tea Party Invitations

If you’re throwing a Tea Party birthday party, make invitations that bear blossoms made with apple stamps. Cut an apple in half horizontally, remove seeds, and cut wedges from the sides to create shape. Brush with acrylic paint, and stamp onto kraft paper.

Flower Party Invitations

An artfully rendered invitation sets the tone for the event to come. Be sure to choose a design that complements the party’s theme.

Fishing Party Invitations

A fishing-themed party that includes these invitations, gummy-worm decorations, favors, a wooden-fish painting project, and a fish-shaped chocolate cake studded with candy wafers is sure to make a big splash.

Pixie Party Invitations

For a Pixie Party, wrap kraft paper around glittered twigs and secure with glue.

Lantern Invitations

Set a playful tone for summer parties with lantern-themed invitations. Start by penciling lines for “ropes” on plain cards. Punch holes with a tack every 1/2 inch; erase lines. Using knotted embroidery floss, sew running stitches along each line, then double back, filling in spaces between stitches. With pinking shears, cut “lanterns” from wide-striped grosgrain ribbon. Cut “tassels” from colored paper; fold in half. Affix lanterns and tassels with a glue stick; write message.


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