Ideas for A Fun Winter Sleepover Party

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Sleepover and Slumber Parties are always fun. One of the secret things that make sleepovers so exciting is that no one actually wants to go to bed! Who would want to sleep when there’s so much fun to be had? With these great ideas and things to do at a sleepover, your slumber party is sure to be a success!

Sleepover Invitation Ideas

It’s easy to send out great sleepover invitations to all of your friends. You can either buy great looking invitations with pictures of sleeping bags, flashlights, pajamas, fuzzy slippers, etc. or make them yourself.

Buy plain pillowcases and write the slumber party information on a notecard and attach it to the pillowcase. Ask the invitee to bring the pillowcase to the party for a fun craft hour. Have everyone sign each others pillowcases on the back during the party.

Get creative with your sleepover party invitations. Cut out heads from your friend’s pictures and paste them to the invitations. Make it look like you and your friends are wearing big fuzzy slippers and pretty eye masks or having a pillow fight.

Let the Games Begin

As your guests gather in for the night, keep them entertained happily with a game polka-dot party bingo, or swap scary stories. Once everyone has gathered roll in the big party game of The Blind Makeover. This is where the girls pair off and one girl from each pair gets blindfolded. Get them to try and give their partner a makeover using basic make up products like lipsticks, eye shadow, blush etc. Call time after 10-15 minutes and reveal the makeovers to both the giver and the receiver. Switch places and play again. You can decide whether you want to give out prizes for widest, prettiest or best makeover, etc

Build a Fortress

Sleeping bags? Been there, done that. Instead, invite the kids to curl up in these A-frame tents, draped with plain canvas they can cover in their own hand-drawn designs.

Make Sleeping Masks

They might be the only thing that’ll encourage your party possey for a little shut-eye. Get some plain eye masks, add glittery eyelids and a border. Or  let the kids use their imaginations to decorate their masks with some basic crafting supplies. These double as cute party favors too.

Personalize Your Pillows

Fabric markers let kids transform the invitation pillow covers into artful goody bags or custom pillowcases.

Pass the Popcorn

Play a movie by unanimous consent and let them get their hands sticky on a variety of popcorn assortments from plain butter to sweet-and-salty toffee-almond popcorn balls.

Swap Friendship Bracelets

Who doesn’t remember knotting these macrame trinkets for their best friend? Offer the kids a colourful array of threads from which they pick and choose their favorites, then show them how to make (and exchange) friendship bracelets.

Fun Fingertips

DIY miniature mani-pedis, anyone? Using nail polish and a No. 1 (very thin) paintbrush from an art-supply store, kids can paint each others’ nails with designs they love, whether it’s tennis balls, polka dots, or their favorite fruits.

Chalkboard Snapshot Frame

Did someone say #ultimatesleepover? Here’s a fun photo-booth setup! Have kids take their pictures in a DIY chalkboard frame. After the party, you can assemble all of the pictures into a scrapbook.

Chocolate Cookies

Catch some Zs of the delicious kind with a platter of homemade chocolate cookies. Pair with warm milk or, an even tastier treat, Nutella hot chocolate.

A Glittery Ceiling

Lights out, ladies! Transform the ceiling into a starry sky with a set of glittery star ornaments or baloons dipped in glue, glow in the dark paint and glitter. Watch the kids as they slowly slip into sweet sleep gazing up in awe at the glittery celing.

Serve Up Breakfast

And the next morning, serve up a big buffet of treats that the kids are sure to love. Think: festive pancakes, Honey Nut Cereal Bars, star and heart shaped French Toast, and Cinnamon Bun Bites.

Party Favours

Get the girls matching pajamas to strengthen the slumber party memory!

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